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Programs We Offer

Since 2021, we have offered youth in the Houston/Sugarland/Richmond communities a cooking enrichment program to unleash their potential. Through our programs, we aim to introduce children and teens to healthy foods and cooking techniques. We have a range of activities and programs that are catered to increasing nutrition education. Check out our programs, and contact us for more information!


Flexible Cooking Curriculum

Weekly or Monthly Cooking Classes for Schools, Organizations, and Groups


Engaging Cooking Events

We offer a variety of cooking events including, but not limited to: My Sweet Valentine and Our Savory Sweet Summer


Seasonal Cooking Lessons Package

Our Seasonal Cooking Lessons Package can either be booked weekly, monthly, or quarterly. In this package, we provide lessons for recipes according to the season. This makes for engaging and fun lessons.


Adult Cooking Events

Have a party or team-building event? We can create adult cooking events just for you! You will pick your recipe(s) and we'll come to you to make the event engaging and festive.

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